283 Gibbons Street
Oshawa, ON

Samantha Davies
Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

Samantha has been practicing since 2008 after graduating from the Massage program at Sir Sandford Fleming College and has since worked in a variety of locations and settings across Ontario.

Samantha first became interested in massage therapy when she was fourteen. Having sustained multiple injuries to her lower back which left subsequent scar tissue and chronic pain, it was recommended she try massage. Within a few weeks of treatment, Samantha noticed a significant decrease in the level and duration of pain, as well as being more mobile having less restrictions due to the scarring. After several months, she was able to enjoy extended periods of time pain free.

She originally moved from Alberta to Ontario for a degree in History and German studies, then made the decision to switch to massage. Samantha has never looked back. Throughout college, she requested different placements such as the Varsity clinic and Prenatal which would allow her to expand her massage repertoire. She volunteered for various extra-curricular activities including tutoring fellow massage students and helping at every Fleming Open House during her three years there.

Within her first year of practice, Samantha was introduced to the Kinesio Taping method by a former teacher. This new form of athletic taping immediately intrigued Samantha because of its diverse applications. It could easily be incorporated to massage treatments for an extensive variety of individuals; it was not used exclusively on athletes. After completion of the course in both Pittsburgh, PA and Toronto, she became a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP).

Using her knowledge of sports injuries, pre/post natal, acute/chronic pain conditions, along with her sense of humour, a love of learning and an unrelenting drive to succeed, Samantha thrives for the challenge that each individual case presents. For these reasons, she made the decision to open a clinic where she could bring together fellow health care practitioners with similar attitudes and where clients can achieve their treatment goals in a warm, caring environment.

Martina Masotti
Registered Massage Therapist, Indian Head Massage Practitioner

Martina has been registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) since August 2009. She graduated from Trillium College, finishing as one of the top students in the class.

Martina’s first career choice was to become a chef but after working in the industry for 8 years it was time to try something new. She inquired about several different career options before she realized she would be interested in learning about human anatomy, physiology and pathologies. After having a few massages herself for lower back pain, she put the two together and knew instantly that this is what she wanted to do.

She often received kudos from her instructors and was seen as a natural from the beginning. Martina liked to tutor other massage students in her own class, as well as newer students, in techniques, palpation skills, orthopedic testing and biomechanics.

In the past, Martina has practiced in a chiropractic office and also currently practices in a physiotherapy clinic part time.

Along with traditional Swedish techniques, Martina likes to incorporate non-traditional techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy and Joint Mobilization. Her fortes include deep tissue techniques, pre and post natal care, sports injuries, constipation massage as well as neck, shoulder and hip dysfunctions.

Martina now proudly offers Indian Head Massage! It’s fairly new to the West but has been practiced in India for centuries. The client is seated in a chair and no oils are used until the end and only on the hair and scalp. You will have to try it for yourself to see how wonderful this is!

Martina works hard, enjoys a challenge and treats everyone with a compassionate heart.

Mervat Ignuta
Registered Massage Therapist

Mervat graduated from Centennial College in 2007 and has been practicing Massage Therapy ever since.

Mervat always knew that she was going to become a Massage Therapist. Having grown up listening to stories from her mother (a Registered Practical Nurse), about helping people, she knew that she wanted to do the same. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis at 16 and having grown up with chronic migraines and headaches she became even more interested in learning about how the body works and how she could help herself through Massage Therapy.

Over her 3 year course she learned about how posture and daily repetitive movements impact the muscles of the upper body and could then pinpoint where her headaches were stemming from. After just a few weeks of treatment, Mervat was no longer experiencing headaches or migraines on a daily basis and now years later, seldom experiences them at all. Now she transfers her self-massage techniques to her clients that suffer from chronic headaches.

The many professional relationships that Mervat has forged throughout the years have proven to be the most rewarding part of her life. Helping people through their physical discomforts and emotional struggles is a key part of her treatments. Becoming an RMT has been the best thing that she has ever done and could never imagine herself doing anything else.